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September 13, 2018

The September 2018 update adds twenty-seven biographies accompanied by a new portrait likeness. Those entries marked with an asterisk (*) are freely available for a period of three months from publication.

This month's update focuses upon the early history of Britain, extending from the twelfth to the early seventeenth century, and including in its scope royalty, politicians, soldiers, clergy, and administrators, as well as both a perpetrator and a victim of murder. The biographies have been curated by Dr. Henry Summerson, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography's advisory editor for the Medieval and Tudor periods. Read the full editorial introduction to this month’s update.

New and updated subjects - September 2018

Barton, Henry (d. 1435), merchant and mayor of London
Basset, Robert (d. 1484), merchant and mayor of London
Bedell, William (d. 1518), administrator
Bezill, Sir Mathias [Maci] (d. 1268), courtier and soldier
Bonneville, Alexander [alias Richard the Englishman] (d. 1336), criminal*
Bussey, William de (d. 1264), administrator
Champvent [Chavent], Sir Peter de (d. 1303), courtier and soldier
Cok, Sir Thomas (1307, d. 1352/1353), soldier and administrator
Pommiers, Guilhem-Sans [III] de (c.1315x20–1367), soldier and diplomat
Pommiers, Guilhem-Sans [IV] de (d. 1377)
Hatherley, John (d. 1460/1461), merchant and mayor of London
Haverhill, William of (d. 1252), administrator,
Pommiers, Hélias de (fl. 1336–1371), knight and royal servant
Hervey, Walter (d. in or after 1276), mayor of London
Isabella [Isabella Bigod] (b.?1195/6, d. 1270), princess and countess of Norfolk*
Lee, Sir Richard (d. 1471/2), merchant and mayor of London
Leia, Peter de (d. 1198), bishop of St David’s
Lowe [alias Fyfield], Sir Thomas (c. 1546–1623), merchant and mayor of London
Martin, David (d. 1328), bishop of St David’s
Mileto [Melida, Melide], Walter of (fl. c.1170–c.1220), scribe and Augustinian canon*
Shaw [Shaa], Sir John (c.1455–1503), goldsmith and mayor of London
Sibthorpe, Thomas (d. 1351), administrator and murder victim
Simeon, Simon [Simkyn] (d. 1387), administrator and soldier
Trychay (Trykhay), Christopher (c.1491–1574), clergyman
Verney, Sir Ralph (d. 1478), merchant and mayor of London

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Discover a full list of entries added this year.