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Cnut (d. 1035) drawing The British Library


Cnut [Canute] (d. 1035), king of England, of Denmark, and of Norway, was the son of Swein Forkbeard (d. 1014), king of England and of Denmark; his mother, whose name is unknown, was a sister of Boleslav of Poland, possibly widow of King Erik of the Swedes...


Harald Hardrada [Haraldr inn Hareráei, Haraldr Sigurearson] (1015–1066), king of Norway, was the son of the Norwegian petty king Sigurd Syr (Sigurd the Sow) and ásta Guthbrandsdóttir, who had earlier been the wife of Harald Grenski 'from Grenland' (west of Oslo Fjord...


óláf [óláfr] Tryggvason (d. 999), king of Norway, first appears in 994 when in the company of Swein Forkbeard (d. 1014) he failed to conquer London and afterwards raided Essex, Kent, Sussex, and Hampshire. His first appearance in England has often been dated to 991 and he has been made a participant in the famous battle of ...