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Eustace the Monk (c. 1170–1217) drawing [far right] Master and Fellows of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge


Eustace the Monk (c. 1170–1217), Benedictine monk, sea captain, and pirate, was the son of Baudoin Busket, a lord of the county of Boulogne. According to his biography, Eustace studied black magic in Toledo, returned home to become a monk at the abbey of ...


Field, Thomas (1549–1625), Jesuit and explorer, was born in Limerick, son of a medical doctor, William Field, and his wife, Jenet Creah; his family was of Anglo-Norman descent. He studied arts at Paris and Douai and philosophy at Louvain, from where he graduated MA. His education was typical of his background as many urban Catholics, of what would later be called ‘Old English’ stock, who had previously studied at English universities now preferred to study in Catholic countries as part of their rejection of the Reformation. He entered the ...


Symon Simeonis [Symon Semeonis] (fl. 1322–1324), Franciscan friar, traveller, and author, was from Ireland, probably of Anglo-Irish origin. In 1323–4 he undertook a journey from Ireland to the Holy Land which he describes in his Itinerarium Symon Semeonis ab Hybernia ad Terram Sanctam...